How Do I Order?

Simply visit our "Shop" section and see all of our available subscription options and boxes. After selecting which option fits best for you, our checkout page will guide you through the rest.

For The Gift Box, you can choose to ship to yourself or your intended recipient.

To order The Gender Reveal Box, your health care team can write down the gender of your baby in a sealed envelope. Trust a family member or friend to place the order for a Baby Boy or Baby Girl Gender Reveal Box. Make sure you take lots of pictures so we can see your reaction!

What is the Returns Program?

One of the most exciting aspects of Storx is our unique Returns Program. Every subscription box will include a prepaid shipping label for returns of your gently-used Storx items. You will receive a code for 10% off your next Storx order! We know your baby is always growing (...always), and that newer/cuter clothes are hard to buy when you know that babe will only be wearing it for a short time. Our Returns Program is a win-win-win BECAUSE.........

What do you do with the clothes I return?

Gently-used clothing and some accessories will be donated to mamas and babies in need through charities such as Loved Twice, Mothers In Need Of Others (MINO), Mothers Helping Mothers, etc. Please see our Terms for clarification on "gently-used".

Where do you get your items from?

Storx has cultivated amazing partnerships with all of our vendors. This allows for some great discounts which are then passed on to you! See a full list on the "Our Vendors" section.

How do I manage my subscription?

Simple! After you login, click on your name, and select "Manage My Subscription". If you are still experiencing issues, drop us a line on the "Contact Us" section, or email us anytime at hello@storxbaby.com